Ani Quinn was raised in New York City by artist parents who encouraged his creative instincts from a young age. Ani had his first band at age 14 and played shows at legendary venues like CBGBs. At age 17, Ani's parents bought him turntables and a mixer. "All I did was practice mixing and scratching. It was too loud and too constant for my folks, so I moved out!" On his own and with only six months of practicing under his belt, Ani started booking gigs at some of NYC's best nightclubs. He played a mix of hip hop and house at spots like The Limelight, Nell's, and The Shelter. As the NYC rave scene was starting to grow in the 90s, Ani quickly became a fixture at these (often-illegal) gatherings. He DJed warehouse parties in Brooklyn, downtown Baltimore, DC, Boston, and Rhode Island while still holding a residency at Manhattan's first weekly rave party, the now infamous Friday night known as NASA (featured in the cult film "Kids"). It was here that Ani caught the ear of electronic music innovators, Deee-Lite. "I always did my own thing. I always DJed all styles of music. Now it's called “open format.” I think it was my eclectic DJ sets that initially attracted Deee-Lite,” whose group he joined at the age of 19. Since his days as a rave pioneer and early champion of open format-style mixing, Ani Quinn has established himself as a premier DJ and go-to talent for nightclub owners, event planners, and music industry bigwigs. He has shared bills with Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears, and Moby and DJed parties in St. Tropez, Cannes, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, and practically every state in America. More recently, Ani Quinn has rocked record release parties for Timbaland and Alicia Keys, DJed several private affairs for Malaysian royalty, and is the personal DJ for all of Justin Timberlake's New York events. When Justin needed music for the runway show for his clothing line, William Rast, he contacted Ani Quinn. Ani has since done the music for all of William Rast's shows, as well as music for Jennifer Lopez's clothing line and runway shows for Louis Vuitton. Ani Quinn has become a well-known producer as well. Be sure to listen for Ani’s unique blend of current hits, classics, electro, indie dance, rock, and hip hop at a party near you; his many years behind the turntables ensure you the best possible mix of music for any occasion.